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At Smiles on Riverside, our commitment is to treat you as a guest in our home so you can feel at ease in our care. We strive to provide the highest quality dental care possible in a comfortable and friendly environment. We are pleased to utilize state-of-the-art dental technologies to make treatment more convenient and comfortable for you, and we look forward to working with you on a treatment plan tailored to your needs, desires for your smile, and your budget.

We want you to have a smile that will maximize your personal health and appearance. We also hope to be your dentist for a long time. To achieve this, our focus is your individual satisfaction and optimum oral health.

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Dr Daya Wood, DDS

(Miller School of Medicine and University of Miami)

I decided to become a dentist when I was 12 years old. I was a little girl but I suffered a lot because of an extraction of a molar, and I decided to do something to change the pain I suffered when I visited the dentist. In my daily work my big concern is the comfort of my patients. My biggest elation is to bring back the smile and the joy to eat and enjoy our food during a smooth process where my concern is not only the technique to achieve each procedure but the tenderness while I perform my work. For me, I love to see how every new smile after a treatment is like a sunrise in the life of my patients. If I keep doing this work during 20 years now it will be because I loved it. Even after the hardest day, I always come back happy to my office because I am sure that today you will need the best myself that myself can be.

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